Citizens' Academy

The Citizens’ Academy is a multi-week program conducted one time a year with an average of 8 to 12 students. All classes are instructed by police personnel and there is no cost to the student. This program is designed to familiarize citizens’ with the who/what/why/how of Steamboat Springs Police procedures and to provide an opportunity to interact and ask questions of local law enforcement. The academy does its best to reflect current themes and topics and encourage discussion of how the police operate.


  • Every Wednesday
  • 6pm to 9pm
  • May 1 to July 3, 2019


The following provides a sample overview of what to expect in the academy. It is subject to change due to availability of personnel and current topics. Classes take place every Wednesday, May 1 to July 3, from 6:00-9:00PM.

Week 1Introduction
Chief of Police provides overview of the Academy and the Steamboat Springs Police.
Week 2Use of Force/Procedure, Use of Force Decision Making, Officer Mindset
Firearms Training Simulator.
Week 3Vehicle Contacts. Traffic Stop Procedures, Videos
Vehicle Contact Scenarios
Week 4Self Defense - Krav Maga
Participants will learn the current self-defense techniques used by SSP.
Week 5Driving
Participants will have the opportunity to drive a patrol vehicle through different scenarios and obstacles. 
Week 6Crime Scene Investigation
Mock Crime Scene. Participants will enter into a mock crime scene and work to solve the crime. 
Week 7Drug Recognition & DUI Enforcement
Participants will learn how to evaluate the sobriety of an individual and perform test on an intoxicated person.
Week 8K-9 Demo
Watch a demonstration from the Routt County Sheriff Office's K-9 Unit. 
Week 9Evening at the Gun Range
Firearms safety, firearm use overview, then live fire (handgun, shotgun and rifle).
Week 10Graduation
Dinner supplied with Steamboat Springs Police! 


CLOSED- Deadline was March 29, 2019

Academy Materials


Brooke Northrop at 970.879-4344 or email Brooke Northrop