EV - Electric Vehicles

Charging Station Tesla 5.24.2017a

Nine charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV) are spread across the City of Steamboat Springs from the mountain to downtown to west of town. In addition, Steamboat Springs Transit operates a fleet of hybrid buses serving the community. 


Looks to Electrify Yampa Valley Lifestyle

Plug in and charge up the discussion around Electric Vehicles (EV) in the Yampa Valley and shape the city’s EV Readiness Plan.  Coloradans are strongly supportive of electric vehicles (EV) as evident by the state’s #6 national ranking for EV adoption friendliness. Each year more EV models are becoming increasingly available and people are trading in their gas-powered vehicles and switching to electric. 

The city is working with consultants, HDR, and local firm, Urban Design Collaboration, to develop the roadmap for the EV Readiness Plan. Stay up-to-date on the project by visiting EngageSteamboat.net/EV for project information, engagement opportunities and results.

Final Draft Plan

The City of Steamboat Springs (the City or Steamboat Springs) is currently developing an Electric Vehicle  Readiness Plan to  identify barriers to, and  strategies  supporting  electric  vehicle (EV) adoption throughout the Steamboat Springs community and the Yampa Valley region. Following this introduction, the plan is divided into 10 sections, each discussing a different aspect of the existing or future state of EVs and EV-related infrastructure in Steamboat Springs:

  • Section 2 describes the vision, mission, and goals for this plan.
  • Section 3 describes public engagement during the development of this plan, including an “e-survey,” stakeholder interviews, an open house at the Main Street Steamboat Farmers market, and a City Council/public review of the draft plan.
  • Section 4 describes an evaluation of existing conditions in Steamboat Springs, including local EV adoption and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) coverage.
  • Section 5 describes current initiatives related to EVs and EVSE at the local, state, and regional levels.
  • Section 6 describes ongoing and projected market trends for EVs and EVSE.
  • Section 7 describes an analysis of the existing gaps and barriers to EV adoption in the City and Yampa Valley region.
  • Section 8 describes an analysis of equity in terms of access to EVs and EVSE for all members of the community.
  • Section 9 describes siting criteria and recommendations for EVSE in Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley region.
  • Section 10 describes the recommended strategic actions stemming from this plan.
  • Section 11 describes implementation of the identified strategic actions.

This plan services as a guide for the City of Steamboat Springs to promote EV readiness within the community as a public entity, within its workforce as an employer, and within its vehicle fleet as a fleet operator. Though community support and stakeholder engagement will be important in creating an EV-ready Steamboat Springs, the recommended strategic actions of this plan were developed to be primarily under the control of and led by the City. This plan should be used by City leadership to encourage those partner groups to participate in EV readiness and to hold itself accountable in completing tasks to that effect. By understanding the contents and implementing the strategic actions identified in this plan, Steamboat Springs can achieve its goals for vehicle its boundaries and throughout the larger Yampa Valley region.

IMG_9903aHigh-Speed Charging Station

The Kum & Go on Anglers Drive in Steamboat Springs has installed the community’s first two high-speed electric vehicle charging stations, paid for almost entirely by a $250,000 grant from the Colorado Energy Office.

The move is part of a statewide effort to install more high-speed chargers 30 to 50 miles apart for those traveling across the state in electric vehicles. Colorado had seven high speed charging locations open across the state: Dinosaur, Salida, Pagosa Springs, Estes Park, Montrose, Fairplay and Steamboat. Six additional sites have received permits and are under construction, with Granby and Craig being the two closest to Routt County.

Charging Station Map

Steamboat Springs Transit

Steamboat Springs summer busSST has expanded its fleet of diesel/electric hybrid buses over the past several years. A mix of 29-foot and 35-foot buses, which have some of the highest miles per gallon and lowest gallons per hour in the fleet, serve the city.

Significant ridership lowers the carbon and other pollution produced in a community,contributes to cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, and less dependence on gasoline and autos, which means a more active and healthier community. SST carries more than a million passengers a year.