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All communications to City Council through this website shall be deemed public documents and are subject to the Colorado Open Records Act. A notation of "Confidential" on the communication does not protect the document from public review. The City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk are copied on all emails.

Steamboat Springs City Council

There are seven members of the Steamboat Springs City Council, representing constituents in all precincts of the city, including one At-Large Councilor.

Jason  Lacy President District II Term Expires 11/2019 Email Jason Lacy Biography
Kathi Meyer Pro Tem District II Term Expires 11/2021 Email Kathi Meyer Biography
Robin Crossan Councilor District I Term Expires 11/2019 Email Robin Crossan Biography
Lisel Petis Councilor District I Term Expires 11/2021 Email Lisel Petis Biography
Heather Sloop Councilor District III Term Expires 11/2019 Email Heather Sloop Biography
Sonja Macys Councilor District III Term Expires 11/2021 Email Sonja Macys Biography
Scott Ford Councilor At-Large Term Expires 11/2019 Email Scott Ford Biography

Council Representation on Boards & Commissions

CLICK HERE to find out which councilor serves as the representative for the city on a number of respective boards and commissions.