Licenses and Permits

Liquor Licensing 

The Steamboat Springs City Council, acting as the Local Liquor Licensing Authority, approves or denies all new liquor license applications in a public hearing. The applications are then sent to the State of Colorado, Liquor Enforcement Division for final approval. The City Clerk’s Office administratively processes all New Liquor License applications (PDF) and liquor renewal applications.

If a person is interested in purchasing an existing establishment with a liquor license, then the City Clerk’s Office processes a Transfer of Ownership (PDF), which does not require a public hearing before the Liquor Authority.

Special Event Permit

A Special Event Permit (PDF) is issued for the sale, by drink only, of malt, vinous and spirituous liquor or fermented malt beverages. Applicants for a special events permit must be non-profit and registered with the Secretary of State for purposes of social, fraternal, patriotic political or athletic nature and not for pecuniary gain; or which is a regularly chartered branch, lodge, or chapter of a national or philanthropic institution.

All applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event. A maximum of fifteen days of events may be held, separately or in combination, each calendar year. The number of permit days per applicant are 15 days per calendar year. The fee for a special events permit is $100.00 payable to the City of Steamboat Springs. For more information: Special Event Checklist (PDF) and Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Special Activity Permits

The City Clerk's Office issues Special Activity Permits for community events small and large. If you are planning an event that requires two or more City services or that proposes to close a City street, a Special Activity Permit (PDF) is required. Please contact Julie Franklin, City Clerk, if you have questions about this process.

The City Clerk's Office also administers the following licenses/permits:

Please contact us with any questions about the above licenses/permits.

Parks & Recreation Land Use Application/Agreement

If your special event or activity takes place at a City of Steamboat Springs park or open space, you will also need to fill out and submit the Parks & Recreation Land Use Application/Agreement and pay the associated fees. Please email Tara Cusack or call 970-871-7054 with any questions and to submit your completed application.

  1. Rachel Lundy

    Special Events Coordinator
    Phone: 970-871-8225