Runway Rehabilitation

August 1, 2022 @ 7:56pm

The KSBS runway is open!  The paving and temporary painting of the runway and taxiways is completed.  Please note that the runway is no longer grooved, so exercise caution for the next month especially in inclement weather. Watch for temporary runway closures in the afternoons, evenings and night for about one week at the end of August.  During these closures the runway will be grooved, seal coated, and the final paint (with beads) will be applied.  We will also continue to work on the haul road that will become helicopter parking so watch for vehicles in this area and continue to exercise caution during construction. 

Runway Rehab - Aerial
HaulRoad Aerial

August 1, 2022

The runway rehabilitation project continued with runway and taxiway paving operations completed on July 29. The crews spent July 30 cleaning and repairing the runway safety areas and the surveyor prepared the runway for painting with the painting crew mobilizing on July 31.  The required temporary (primer) runway and taxiway paint will be completed on August 1.  The runway is anticipated to open to air traffic at 7am on August 2.  After the runway cures for 30 days, it will be grooved, sealcoat applied, and the final paint (with reflective beads) will be completed.  Work will also continue on the haul road and other areas of the airport through the end of August. 

Runway 4Runway 3
Runway 2Runway 1

July 23, 2022

The runway rehabilitation project continues with good progress being made.  The haul road is being well utilized and taxiway P paving is completed.   One half of the runway paving is completed.  

A delay was experienced this week when the most recent pavement lot failed to meet FAA specifications and now has to be removed and replaced.  Further testing at the asphalt plant appears to indicate that the pavement that will be laid on Monday should meet specifications. The milling and paving of the failed lot is planned for Tuesday. 

The project schedule will be adjusted once the quality of the pavement and other items can be confirmed. 


Haul RoadJune 29, 2022
The runway rehabilitation construction has commenced and is going well as the haul road/staging area is currently under way.  

Two fire fighting helicopters and support crews are prepositioned on the airport and will likely be here until mid-October.  

  • KMax is at the south end of the ramp 
  • Bell 407 is below the executive hangars near gate 5.  

Additional helicopters will stage at the facility if the fire season requires, and updates will be shared at that time.  Please perform runup along the P taxiway if unable into the south corner of the ramp. 



Project Plans

SBS Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation Plans - IFB-3

View the Runway Rehabilitation Plans (PDF 54mb)