Terminal Area Improvements

Rehab the existing parking lot with a slurry seal treatment and reorienting the parkingSBS Projects Overview Opens in new window

  • Includes revised islands and accessible routes with new sidewalk
  • Increased parking capacity, plus infrastructure for future EV parking spaces

Widen access road and provide turnaround at south end to aid maneuverability for fuel trucks and fire trucks

  • Includes relocation/realignment of some AOA fencing and new AOA fencing

Relocate fuel truck carport

  • Include lean-to attached that will cover three more vehicles (two courtesy cars and airport pickup), plus infrastructure for future EV parking
  • Includes concrete containment in case of fuel truck spill or leak

Relocation of Gate 3 to have access from reoriented parking area

Paving additional public access area within AOA for vehicle and aircraft traffic

Paving fuel truck access to the fuel farm so fuel trucks no longer must leave AOA

Additional documents can be found here:

Proposed Hangar Development

SBS Projects Overview