Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning involves working with the community and its elected leaders on the development and implementation of complex long-range land use, economic development and growth management plans that involve addressing issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Activities include:

  • Conducting research and preparing policy recommendations for consideration by the community, city administration and elected officials.
  • Providing technical and professional advice to the city administration, boards, commissions, civic groups and the general public.
  • Facilitating public engagement.
  • Facilitating implementation of plan objectives

Base Area Streetscape and Public Improvement Master Plan (PDF)
Base Area Redevelopment Pattern Book (PDF)
Mountain Town Sub Area Plan 1999 (PDF)
Mountain Town Sub Area Plan Update 2005 (PDF)
Sidewalk Master Plan (PDF)
Sustainability Management Plan (PDF)

2021 Transportation & Mobility Plan (PDF)
East Steamboat U.S. 40 Access Control Plan (PDF)
West Steamboat U.S. 40 Access Control Plan (PDF)
Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan (PDF)
2014 Supplement to Area Community Plan (PDF)

2018 Future Land Use Plan (updated Jan. 2023)
West Steamboat Springs Area Plan (PDF)
2019 Steamboat Springs Parks, Recreation, Open Space, Trails, and River (PROSTR) Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF)

2003 Transportation and Mobility Analysis Report (PDF)