Community Development Code

Updated Community Development Code

City Council has adopted an updated Community Development Code effective January 1, 2018.

Updated Community Development Code (PDF) - including CDC Supplement 26-4

Note that the updated Code is provided in a PDF format that is best viewed using Acrobat Reader. Viewing in a web browser may limit your toolbar and menu options.

If you have questions about the Code or any other planning questions, please call (970) 871-8258 and ask for the Planner of the Day.

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Adopted Ordinances not yet incorporated into the CDC

The following list includes text amendments to the CDC that have been adopted by City Council but are not yet incorporated in the CDC. The amendments below represent the most current standards and CDC language. Community members and applicants should reference and design projects to meet standards as listed in the amendments.  

Draft Text Amendments not approved or incorporated into the CDC

The following list includes draft text amendments to the CDC that are in process but have not been adopted by City Council. Public hearings on these amendments are upcoming, check City Council Agendas.

CDC Supplements

As amendments are made to the CDC over time, affected pages are updated and incorporated as Supplements to the original document. Supplements are numbered sequentially with a "CDC Supp 26-" prefix, and affected pages include a notation below the page number. The CDC link above will always include the most recent Supplement.

If you have a hard copy of the CDC, you will need to print the following replacement pages for each Supplement to keep your copy current.

CDC Supplement 26-1 (PDF)

CDC Supplement 26-2 (PDF)

CDC Supplement 26-3 (PDF)

CDC Supplement 26-4 (PDF)

Historical Code

Previous and archived versions of the Community Development Code can be found on the Municode website.

To compare the 2017 CDC to the newly adopted 2018 CDC, please refer to the following documents:

Annotated 2017 CDC (PDF)

Summary of Changes (PDF)

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