School Resource Officer


School Resource Officer

Steamboat Springs Police established the School Resource Officer (SRO) position in 1997. The SRO works in partnership with the high school community to address school-based concerns using multi-faceted and innovative approaches. Steamboat Springs Police and Steamboat Springs High School provide a safe learning environment that promotes good health and is free from violence, weapons, hazards, vandalism, and substance abuse for the students and staff.

  1. Lisa Eifling

    Police Officer

Safe 2 Tell

SSPD encourages anyone who is concerned about school safety to utilize Safe2Tell ( Safe2Tell is an anonymous way for students, parents, and the community to report any issues concerning safety or the safety of others.

Lisa EiflingLisa Eifling

The Steamboat Springs School District welcomes a new School Resource Officer for Steamboat Springs High School. Officer Lisa Eifling from the Steamboat Springs Police Department will serve as the full-time School Resource Officer at SSHS, tentatively starting January 9, 2023. While Eifling will primarily focus on serving the high school, she will assist other SSSD schools as needed.

Part of Eifling’s role will be to foster a safe and secure environment for students and staff at the high school. This will include developing plans and procedures for emergency response incidents along with training for these incidents. Beyond that, Eifling hopes to be a great mentor and teacher.

“While I, of course, want the students to be able to come to me to report incidents they believe are important or necessary, I also want them to know I am not just a ‘Cop,’” Eifling said. “My goal is to ensure that the students at the high school know I am there for them 100%. If they are having a bad day, I want to hear about it. If they are having a great day, I want to hear about it. I just want to be there for them.”

Eifling is well-positioned to serve as the new high school resource officer, having both an education and law enforcement background. 

Eifling attended Eastern Michigan University and majored in physical education and health education. She worked in the Plymouth Canton School District for approximately five years before moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming. In Cheyenne, she worked at a juvenile treatment facility and began her law enforcement career. 

In 2012, she attended Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy and began working for the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department, specializing in juvenile detention. In 2014, Eifling moved to Steamboat Springs and worked with the Routt County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center. In 2018, she attended the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy and began working as a patrol officer for the Steamboat Springs Police Department. 

“I believe my background in education and extensive work with juveniles will help me in my role as the SRO,” Eifling said. “In this role, I will be conducting training and seminars with students which are directly related to what I went to college for. Now, I am able to integrate my knowledge and passion of education with many law enforcement-related topics; safety, drugs, alcohol, mental health crisis support, and suicide awareness.” 

Dr. Celine Wicks, Steamboat Springs School District Superintendent, said the district is excited to have Eifling join the school as the new resource officer. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Lisa Eifling as our new SRO, who will focus her efforts on making connections with the students,” said Wicks. “Her background brings a unique combination of education and law enforcement experience that will greatly benefit the high school community.” 

To connect with students, Eifling believes communication is key. She also plans to be highly visible during school hours, along with many of the sporting events. She is looking forward to creating programs and projects for positive, consistent, and persistent interaction between youth and police. She plans to be a guide and liaison among school administration, teachers, students, and their families. 

“I know that because I am new to the school and many of the students do not know me yet, it will be difficult to gain their trust,” said Eifling. “I am dedicated to this role and will work very hard to develop that trust. I also want the parents of the students to know and trust me. With that being said, I am so excited to be named the new School Resource Officer for Steamboat Springs High School. Go Sailors!