Water Conservation


The City of Steamboat Springs Water District is now offering Water Efficient Fixture REBATES to encourage residents and businesses to reduce water use. Rebates are offered on a first come, first served basis, and are for replacing old appliances and fixtures - this is not for new construction. Only eligible water-saving appliances and irrigation fixtures will be approved - see application form (PDF) or call 970.871-6303 for more information.

Check out other Water Conservation Tips (PDF)

The City of Steamboat Springs Utility Division and the Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District have partnered together to develop a Community Water Conservation Plan (PDF). The plan was adopted by the Steamboat Springs City Council on June 7th, 2011. State Statue requires utilities who supply more than 2000 acre feet of water to have an approved plan; our shared water supply and distribution system supplies over 3000 acre feet.

This Community Water Conservation Plan outlines water savings targeted to the year 2035, analyzes existing and proposed conservation programs for cost/benefits, selects programs for implementation, and contains a drought and emergency preparedness plan. The purpose of this plan is to reduce peak-day water demands, improve distribution efficiency, prepare our community for drought conditions and educate consumers on the value of conserving water.

Regional Water Issues 
Colorado Water-Quality Data Repository
2011 Community Water Conservation Final Plan (PDF)
Drought Tolerant Species List (PDF) By Karen Vail

See the plant lists for Dorothy's Garden (PDF) and Water-wise Garden (PDF) (Yampa River Botanic Park) for ideas on what to plant in your Steamboat Xeriscape Garden.

For more Information about water-wise practices or how you contribute to the Yampa River Botanic Park contact Gale @(970)879-4300.

Helpful References
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