History and Background

The current public safety facility on Yampa Street was originally constructed in 1971 as the Steamboat Springs Rural Fire Station and the population in Steamboat was approximately 2,500. In 1980, the second story was added to house the police department and City Council chambers; Steamboat population was 5,098. In 2000, the Council chambers were moved to the newly constructed Centennial Hall. The old chamber was remodeled to accommodate the expanding police department.

By 2002, Steamboat's population had surpassed 10,000. A space needs study indicated the police department required almost double the amount of space they currently occupied in order to function as an effective police facility. In the 2003 Capital Improvement Plan, constructing a new police facility was scheduled to begin in 2005. However, due to changes in priorities in 2004 and 2005, the new facility was postponed and the existing building was remodeled. Building a new facility returned to the 2008 CIP with the design phase starting in 2009 and construction in 2010. In late 2008, the economy collapsed and capital projects were scaled back to those related to the core functions of the City.

Today, the City's police department continues to operate out of a 6,600 square foot office building. The 2013 space needs analysis conservatively estimated the required space for efficient operations at 18,000sf. The Yampa Street building lacks functionality in many areas including a crime lab, sanitary evidence drying room, evidence storage, adequate interview rooms, and secure holding areas.

Space Needs Assessments

Space needs studies were conducted in 2002 and 2013 to answer:

  • How much built space does the Steamboat Springs Police department need?
  • What are the parking needs for the Steamboat Springs Police department?
  • How large does a site need to be to accommodate a new police facility?

Those questions were addressed in both of the studies and can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

             2002 Space Needs Study (PDF)                       2013 Space Needs Assessment (PDF)

The 2013 Assessment took into account the current needs of the police department and the future growth of the community. Population projections gathered from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs are displayed on this graph (PDF) presented at the May 21, 2013 City Council meeting.

Public Comments

Input from our community is an important part of this process. Please feel free to leave your comments by emailing us.