Vision & Values

Staff photo outside of a building by a tree

Our Vision Statement

The Department of Planning and Community Development actively embraces and promotes opportunities, community and stewardship.

Our Mission

The Department of Planning and Community Development engages, serves and collaborates with our community to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental success.

Our Core Values and Beliefs 

  •  Always remember that we are incredibly lucky to be a part of and contribute to this outstanding community.
  •  Continuously innovate to improve quality and efficiency. 
  •   Surpass our customer's expectations at every opportunity.
  •  Recognize the importance of trust, commitment and authentic communication.
  •  Believe that we have an opportunity to enhance people's lives.
  •  Promote the culture of Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley.
  •  Cultivate our potential through learning, community involvement and the pursuit of opportunities.
  •  Balance the myriad of needs of our community, the City of Steamboat Springs, our department, our coworkers and our families.
  •  HAVE FUN!