What's New Near You?

Keeping You Informed

This page is designed to keep the Steamboat Springs community informed of proposed and recently approved development activity. Proposed development and land use projects are added to the Current Projects Map upon submittal of a complete application package and will remain on the map for several weeks after a final decision has been made. If you are looking for a project that is not on the map, or if you need assistance using the map, please contact us at 970-871-8258.

View the Current Projects Map and see what's new near you.

Need help using the map?
View Tips and Tricks (PDF) for navigating around the map and finding information about current development projects.

Information available includes:

  • Project location
  • Project description
  • Decision and Public Hearing dates (when scheduled)
  • Plans and other submittal documents (as available)
  • Status of review / final decision
  • City Planner contact information

Questions or Comments?

Public comment is welcomed on all pending projects. Questions and comments should be directed to the City Planner assigned to the project. Direct contact information is provided on the map, or you can call the Planning Department at 970-871-8258.

Project types shown on the map include:

Administrative Applications

  • Vacation Home Rentals
  • Changes of Use
  • Minor Exterior Modifications
  • Minor Adjustments
  • Final Plats
  • Administrative Final Development Plans

Public Hearing Applications

  • Development Plans
  • Final Development Plans
  • Preliminary Plats
  • Rezonings and PUDs
  • Variances
  • Text Amendments
  • Future Land Use Map Amendments
  • UGB Amendments
  • Annexations