Three Step Guide to Submitting a New Project

Step by step instructions to submit a complete, development review application.

1. Schedule a pre-submittal meeting with the Planner of the Day.

  • This step is required and can be done in person, over the phone or via email depending on the complexity of the project. A pre-submittal meeting will help you make sure you’re preparing the correct materials without wasting time on requirements that don’t apply to your project.
  • A  pre-submittal meeting can be held with a planner or with representatives from multiple departments or agencies. 
  • To meet with members of the Development Review Team (DRT), there are four pre-submittal meeting times available every Tuesday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Reviewers from City departments and cooperative agencies including Engineering, Planning, Building, Water and Sewer, and Fire Prevention can be available for these meetings. Please call or email to make an appointment.
  • After the meeting, the Planner will provide a completed submittal requirement form specifically for your project. All possible submittal requirements can be viewed in the Form Center.

2. Assemble materials.

  • Once you’ve had your pre-submittal meeting, it’s time to start gathering your submittal requirements. Don’t forget the Application Form (PDF).
  • Depending on your project and skill set, you may want to work with a design professional or surveyor to help generate the required plans or subdivision plat. The submittal requirement form provided by the Planner will state the materials required and the format for each item (paper or pdf). 
  • Waiver. If you believe any of the submittal requirements should not be required for your project, now is the time to get an approved waiver from Public Works. Without an approved waiver, your submittal will not be considered complete. The Waiver Form (PDF) is available. 

3. Submit your project.

Submitting your project is a two-step process. You’ll need to upload your digital documents and  pay the application fee.

Step 1: Upload digital files through the new project submittal portal.

  • Submittal timing: Projects can be submitted at any time. New projects will be distributed to reviewers within two days of being accepted as complete. 
  • Naming convention: At the pre-submittal meeting, the Planner assigned a PS-XX-XX code to your project. It’s located at the top right of your completed submittal requirements form. Use that code to name each PDF followed by the name of the document. Also, please make sure to upload each submittal requirement as a separate PDF. For example:
  • PS-16-01_Application
  • PS-16-01_Narrative
  • PS-16-01_Site Plan 

Step 2: Payment

  • Payment: The City of Steamboat Springs accepts cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to the City of Steamboat Springs. Submit hard copies to the Planning Department office at 124 10th Street Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Please contact us to coordinate.
  • Location: Submit payment to the Planning Department office at 124 10th Street Steamboat Springs, Colorado. If you’re mailing payment, please send to City of Steamboat Springs, Attention: Planning Department, (use the Planner’s name if you have it) PO Box 775088, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.

Informational Handouts

Informational handouts are available in the Form Center to help you assemble a complete submittal. If you have further questions please contact the Planner of the Day.