Three Step Guide for Submitting a Resubmittal

After review of your first project submittal by the Development Review Team (DRT), you may need to address comments with a resubmittal. Follow these steps to submit a complete resubmittal that will be ready for review.

1. Respond to DRT comments.

The project coordinator will receive a DRT letter outlining all comments at the conclusion of the initial round of DRT review. DRT comments that require revised materials will be labeled as “Revisions Required."  Provide a response to comments in the word document with your response in red for clarity.

2. Assemble materials needed to address comments.

Unless otherwise specified, provide the following items for a complete resubmittal:

DRT Response Letter1
Plan Set &/or Plat1

When DRT comments require a page of a plan set to be updated, a whole new plan set must be provided and changes must be identified on the pages. 

3. Submit your resubmittal.

Submitting your resubmittal is a two-step process just like your original submittal. 

  • Step 1: Upload digital files through the current project resubmittal portal.

    • Submittal timing: Resubmittals can be submitted at any time. Projects will be distributed to reviewers within two days of being accepted as complete.
    • Naming convention: Your DRT comment letter includes your project code. Use that code, the date, and the document name to name each PDF. Please make sure to upload each item as a separate PDF, for example: 
      • DP-16-01_01 01 16_DRT Response Letter
      • DP-16-01_01 01 16_Plan Set
  • Step 2: Payment (if required)

    • Distribution: The Planning Department must receive digital files and payment of an additional fee (if required), in order for the submittal to be complete and distributed to the DRT for review.
    • Additional Fee: With the fourth submittal an applicant will be required to pay an additional review fee equal to half of the cost of the original application fee. Each subsequent submittal will require an additional review fee equal to half of the cost of the original application fee.