2A Trails - Accommodation Tax Committee

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The 2A Trails Committee was established by city council resolution. The committee is an advisory committee for the duration of the time needed to fully prioritize the funds approved in the 2A Ballot - a maximum of ten years for the trails funds.

The committee includes representatives from lodging, the Chamber membership, Proposal Team and four At Large spots. The current committee consists of the following individuals:

  • Dan Bonner - Chair
  • Gavin Malia - Vice Chair
  • Rich Tucciarone
  • David High
  • Scott Marr
  • Harry Martin
  • Jason Landers

Voters approved spending $300,000 per year for three years and $600,000 for the following seven years on projects identified in the Trails Alliance Proposal. Committee members are tasked with prioritizing the projects identified in the Trails Alliance Proposal, assuring that funded projects fulfill the original ballot language requirements of promoting tourism, enhancing the vitality of Steamboat Springs as a premier destination resort, enhancing community identity, enhancing the environmental desirability of the community, and enhancing the economic health of Steamboat Springs, all while leveraging grants and partnerships whenever possible.

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