Services & Referrals

The City of Steamboat Springs determines based on special event specifications, the additional services that will be required to host your event.  These services range from Community Service and Police Officers to Fire Prevention and Emergency Services to Transit. 

Community Service Officer
Community Services Officers (CSOs) provide crowd and traffic control at events. In 2020, the cost of hiring a CSO for an event is $34/hour. City staff will predetermine the number of CSOs needed for a particular venue.

Community Service Officer Moose Warning

Police Officers
Police officers can be hired to provide security for events. In 2020, the cost of hiring a police officer for an event is $69/hour. The event coordinator must fill out an application for additional police officers and submit 45 days before the event.

SSP Academy Graduation 2018

Fire Prevention Services
Fire Prevention services include the inspection of tents or temporary membrane structures, cooking tents, mobile cooking units, and fireworks. The location of these structures must be labeled on the site map. When necessary, an inspection will be scheduled.

Five members of Fire Prevention in front of red truck

Emergency Services
Ambulance and Fire Suppression services and emergency personnel can be hired to provide emergency standby for special events.

Mountain Station Horizontal Image

Transit Services 
Steamboat Springs Transit is very limited in providing charter service and follows the guidelines and regulations outlined in Federal transit laws. Please contact Transit Operations to request and coordinate service.



Sustainability / Zero Waste: 

Parking / Traffic Mitigation and Street Closure Equipment:

EMS Services:

  • Event Medical Solutions: email or call 800-674-7764

Trash / Recycling / Portable Toilets:

  • Waste Management: 970-879-2428
  • Aces High: 970-870-6500
  • Twin Enviro: 970-879-6985
  • The Green Company: 970-879-5717
  • SRC: 970-367-3227


Event Safety Plans

  • Geoff Hunt: Email or call 970-846-8432


  • Thunder Run Security: email or call 970-620-4940

Local Food Source

  • Community Agriculture Alliance: Email or 970-879-4370