Plastic & Paper Bags

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In Steamboat Springs, 3.8 million single-use plastic bags are used yearly by shoppers at the markets included in the plastic bag ban. 

Many of these bags end up as litter in our rivers, forests and rural landscapes. 


  • City Market
  • Natural Grocers
  • Safeway
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens


Under Ordinance 2699, large markets in the City of Steamboat Springs will no longer provide single-use plastic carryout bags and will charge a 20-cent fee for paper bags. 

Ban In Effect


Many local businesses are interested in participating in the community program to give plastic the sack through a voluntary opt-in avenue.  Participating opt-in stores carry the Spur Change decal on store fronts.  

Op In Sign Up

Steamboat Springs Teen Council

A group of high school students, who are members of the Steamboat Springs Teen Council, proposed the plastic bag ban and paper bag fee as part of their annual project. After several appearances before City Council as well as outreach to the community, the group succeeded in moving their proposal from simply an idea to a change for the community. 

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