Turnaround & Complete StreetsSki Time SquareDesign$80,000
Complete StreetsMt. Werner Rd/CircleConstruction$620,000
Complete Streets Other RoadsPlanning/Design$90,000
RoundaboutSteamboat BlvdDesign$213,440
RoundaboutUS40/Mt. Werner Off-RampDesign$77,840
Gondola Transit CenterMountain VillageDesign/Construction$60,000
Iconic Entry CompletionArnold BarnDesign/Construction$50,000

2020 Project Highlights

Mountain Werner Roundabouts

The major project elements consist of a new partial double lane roundabout and replacement of an existing drainage pipe to convey the 100-year flood. Other improvements include addition of new sidewalks, formalizing an existing bus stop, landscaping beautification, street and pedestrian lighting. The project has been in the works for decades and design by Baseline Engineering began in 2019. Current plans are for construction to occur in 2021.

The roundabout has been appropriately sized by the engineer’s to perform well even during Steamboat’s busiest winter weekends. To that end the roundabout will have two-lanes in the westbound direction which will make it the first of its kind in Steamboat but similar to those in communities like Vail and Avon. The project will be designed so that it can be more readily converted to a full double lane roundabout at some point in the future. The total project is expected to cost more than $4MM to complete and will be a significant improvement for the many vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists that travel through the intersection every day.  

Conceptual design phase work for the Mt. Werner Road & US40 Off-Ramp Roundabout is complete and resulted in a single lane roundabout that is designed such that it can be converted to a partial double lane (“hybrid”) roundabout in the future. Design work will continue through the end of 2020 and current plans are for construction to occur in 2022 or 2023

Due to COVID-19 the project team chose not to host an in-person open house at this time as we would typically on a project. Instead we had to get creative and came up with a new approach to make information easily available. There are a lot of people who walk and bike through the area and so we came up with the idea to post information to vertical display boards.

Project Information Display Boards were installed in early August in locations surrounding the intersection that can be easily accessed and viewed. These boards will remain for 1 to 2 months to give folks a chance to stop by and look. Boards will include essential information about the project (site plan, description, FAQ’s, contact info)

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Recognition - 2019 ENR Award of Merit for Small Project Under $10 Million.