Where did the Sharrows come from?
All traffic signs and markings are established by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Like any new sign included in the MUTCD, the Sharrow was studied for several years before approval by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) in 2009. Fort Collins, CO has been using the Sharrow for over four years and was part of the FHA test program. Fort Collins and other test communities found that sharrows help both motorists and bicyclists to use the road more effectively and safely. Steamboat City Council approved the sharrows as a tool to help road users learn to Share the Road and maximize our existing infrastructure.

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1. What is a Sharrow or Shared Line Markings?
2. Do Sharrows establish a bike lane? Can I drive over them?
3. What if I have to cross a double yellow line to pass a bicyclist riding in the travel lane marked with Sharrows?
4. As a bicyclist, do I ride on the Sharrows?
5. Where did the Sharrows come from?