Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


To preserve our past while assuring an economically, culturally, and environmentally sustainable future.


We plan, partner, and provide superior services and a safe environment in our thriving, authentic community.



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2019 Goals

Priority Goal

  • Develop a long-term fiscal sustainability plan for the city, which incorporates revenue diversification, cost recovery, asset performance for facilities, and community education and outreach.
  • Determine a long-term funding strategy for emergency services (Fire/EMS)

 Additional Council Goals (non-prioritized)

  • Community Engagement: Develop and implement a community engagement plan which emphasizes key messages through multiple channels to the community and encourages participation in the public process in advance of council decisions.
  • Community Housing: Define city policies and processes to facilitate viable options for diverse community housing opportunities.
  • Long Term Water Planning: Identify and implement strategies to promote water supply resiliency: prepare for growth, plan for drought & wildfire, plan for a Colorado River Compact Call, plan for water conservation, and develop redundant water supplies.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Create policy that advances environmental sustainability objectives


  • Howelsen Hill: Work with all public stakeholders to develop a long-term sustainable financial plan and long-term maintenance plan for Nordic, jumping, alpine and summer.
  • Downtown
    • Downtown Master Plan: Community discussion and master plan for character of downtown area. (Including land uses, density, height, parking standards, etc.)
    • Define parking problem and investigate solutions for parking in the downtown area.