What about visitors who might not bring their own bags?

Several property managers provide free reusable bags to their guests. Visitors can also purchase reusable bags, pay the 20-cent fee for paper bags or go without. Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is working with community partners to develop a bag bank program where people can borrow bags. More information on the bag bank program is coming soon.

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1. When do the single-use plastic bag ban and paper bag fee go into effect?
2. What stores are covered under the ordinance?
3. Why is there a 20-cent charge for paper bags?
4. Is the 20-cent charge on paper a tax?
5. Does the ordinance ban plastic produce or meat/seafood bags?
6. How will I carry my groceries home? I need those "free" bags.
7. What if I forget my reusable bags?
8. Aren’t reusable bags worse for the environment?
9. Why charge for paper bags? Aren't they better than plastic?
10. How will I pick up my pet’s waste, throw away dirty diapers, or line my small trash cans now?
11. What about recycling; isn’t that a better solution?
12. Will reusable bags make me sick?
13. What does the city plan to do with the revenue from the paper bag fee?
14. What about visitors who might not bring their own bags?