Do STR Licenses transfer with the sale of property?

No, STR Licenses do not transfer with the sale of property. New property owners must apply for and obtain a STR License in their name prior to operating a short-term rental. If the property is owned by a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, trust or other business entity and an ownership or beneficial interest in the business entity is transferred to a person who does not hold such an interest, the business entity shall be required to apply for a new license.

The following are the only circumstances where reissuance of an STR License due to a transfer or change of ownership is allowed:

  1. From the owner to a trust established by the owner for the benefit of the owner as a named beneficiary of the trust.
  2. From the owner to a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or business entity, so long as the owner has a controlling interest in the business entity.
  3. Between the same parties creating or terminating a joint tenancy.
  4. Due to death, pursuant to a will, the law of descent and distribution or otherwise.
  5. As ordered by a court under bankruptcy code or in equity receivership proceeding.
  6. Without consideration for the purpose of confirming, correcting, modifying or supplementing a transfer previously recorded; making minor boundary adjustments; removing clouds of titles; or granting rights-of-way, easements or licenses.
  7. Pursuant to any decree or order of a court of record quieting, determining, or vesting title, including a final order awarding title pursuant to a condemnation proceeding.
  8. Between spouses or former spouses made pursuant to a separation agreement or as otherwise ordered by a court in proceedings for the dissolution of a marriage.

Changes of ownership that meet one of the above circumstances are eligible for reissuance of an existing STR License to reflect changed ownership. To request reissuance, complete a License Transfer Request Form and upload with all required documentation to your existing license application through the CityView Portal. Please also email staff that you are requesting a reissuance. Forms and staff contacts can be found on the Licensing page.

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