What ground transportation/rental car companies operate at Steamboat?

There are no rental car companies based at the Steamboat Springs Airport. However, Enterprise Rental Car provides car rentals for FBO visitors who require more than the facility's courtesy vehicle. Enterprise is the only rental car company that will drop off/pick up at the Steamboat Springs Airport. Reservations can be booked through the local Enterprise office Monday through Friday (970-879-7442).

Uber and Lyft are available in Steamboat Springs for rides to/from the Steamboat Springs Airport - downtown Steamboat is less than five miles away. 

There are several ground transportation companies which offer in town fares or hourly transportation services, including:

  • My Red Ride - A custom limousine service offering luxury vehicles and exquisite service 24/7. 970-875-4295
  • Ski Town Transportation - Available for around town service, including special in town fares or hourly as directed service. Call or text 970-846-6570 or visit Ski Town Transportation
  • Steamboat Limos - Dedicated to providing the best customer service and riding experience. Text or call 970-819-5551 to check availability Steamboat Limos 

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