How often will a fire inspector show up to perform and inspection

In 1994, Fire Prevention started a Building Safety Education Program (BSEP) to inspect all commercial establishments in the City of Steamboat Springs to maintain a fire safe community by minimizing life and property loss in the City of Steamboat Springs and the Steamboat Springs Fire Protection District through education and prevention. 

The program has three simple goals: 

  1. To accomplish safety and code compliance through awareness and education. 
  2. Strive for cooperation and reasonable compliance. 
  3. To empower building owners/managers to maintain fire safe buildings for their employees and the public alike. 

Fire Inspectors will perform fire code inspections for a liquor license or marijuana license annually. Fire code inspections for any other commercial building will be done by request, complaint or as permitted. 

Pre-Inspection Guidelines have be prepared to assist with understanding the requirements.  The Fire Inspector utilizes the Fire Code Inspection Report, and a copy will be provided for your records.  A list of common violations and the fire codes have also been prepared.  Additional forms may be accessed and downloaded under the Downloadable Permits and Forms

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1. How often will a fire inspector show up to perform and inspection
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