Fire and EMS Services

Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue (SSFR) serves the City of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding community by reducing human suffering and property loss, protecting the environment, and promoting life safety through incident response, public education, and fire prevention programs.


SSFR delivers service to the City of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area which falls under the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District. For additional information on the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District please visit their website.

Strategic Plan

It is an exciting time for the fire department, and if you are reading this, I appreciate your interest in the City of Steamboat Springs Fire Department! We have been able to accomplish many of our goals set out in the 2021 Strategic Plan and are well on our way to getting the new Central Fire Station (Station 1) out of the ground and underway. While we will surely still have challenges along the way, the atmosphere and excitement about the new station and the addition of personnel this year is palpable. 

Fire Department administration has been working closely with City of Steamboat Springs leadership as well as the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District Board to ensure our department can grow to meet the increasing demands for service we have seen over the last decade.

Fire/EMS Facility & Funding

City Council is seeking to develop solutions that assure Steamboat Springs Fire/EMS and its surrounding Fire District’s services keep pace with the community’s growing demands for service.

  1. Cerasoli

    Chuck Cerasoli

    Fire Chief

  2. Travis Wilkinson

    Deputy Fire Chief

  3. Doug Shaffer

    Fire Marshal

  4. Shannon Yaconiello

    Fire Admin Assistant

  5. Physical Address
    2600 Pine Grove Road
    Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 775088
    Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

    Fax: 970-870-8030