What is the Airport Overlay Zone?

The Airport Overlay Zone is the area surrounding the Steamboat Springs Airport that air traffic typically flies over. It is broken into the following subzones that are established and delineated by the Airport Layout Plan:

  • Subzone A: Airport Influence Area
  • Subzone B: Traffic Pattern Area
  • Subzone C: Approach Area
  • Subzone D: Runway Protection Area

Please see the attached map of the parcels included in the Overlay Zone. This Overlay Zone is applied in addition to the standards of the underlying zone district.

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1. What is the Airport Overlay Zone?
2. Why does Steamboat need this type of zoning?
3. Why is this Zone Map Amendment happening now?
4. What types of standards apply in the Airport Overlay Zone?
5. How does this amendment affect my property?
6. Do I need to take any action now?