EV - Electric Vehicles

Charging Station Tesla 5.24.2017a

Nine charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV) are spread across the City of Steamboat Springs from the mountain to downtown to west of town. In addition, Steamboat Springs Transit operates a fleet of hybrid buses serving the community. 

Steamboat Springs Transit

Steamboat Springs summer busSST has expanded its fleet of diesel/electric hybrid buses over the past several years. A mix of 29-foot and 35-foot buses, which have some of the highest miles per gallon and lowest gallons per hour in the fleet, serve the city.

Significant ridership lowers the carbon and other pollution produced in a community,contributes to cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, and less dependence on gasoline and autos, which means a more active and healthier community. SST carries more than a million passengers a year. 

Charging Station Map